Future projects

Parents & Kids quality time

We know that as parents, you are working hard to give your kids and your family a great life quality. As the old quote says: " It takes a village to raise a child".

We want to be there for your family!

We are developing parents and kids activities in nature, so you can create emotional and healthy connections with your family.

Farmers Market

As a rural community, we would like to encourage and support our neighbors to continue their field production and creating a market for fresh and ecological products.

We would like to start a weekly market in partnership with them.

How about coming to drop your kids and buy fresh products from the market?

Veggi, cheese and eggs

The farm animals we are caring for at our project, will be also part of our sustainable production.

Fresh eggs will integrate our meals, our vegetable garden will be a tool for learning and we hope to produce good cheese in the near future.