“Let Nature be your teacher”

The impetus for this project came from our passion for nature and the limitations in the educational conditions for students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 In 2021, we decided to get all our means and start a school in nature, with an ecological curriculum, and strive for a more human/nature-connected educational development.

Camille Eichmann (Swiss,) and Mercia (Brazilian) graduated from the University of Zurich with a Master's degree in Science - Geography. After 15 years in Switzerland working in different educational and private sector jobs, they moved to Barcelona where Mercia studied School Management at the University of Barcelona.

Starting a school is not an easy undertaking! 

Our partnership with Gaia Education was a game-changer in establishing an ecological curriculum. Gaia Education shared with us a more holistic overview that fit exactly what we were looking for;  a sense of community, a non-violent communication program, and an ecological curriculum that is based on the dimensions of human experience;

 Social, Economic, Ecological, and World View, known as Four primary dimensions.

At The Chestnut Tree, we practice Ecological Education!

Our project starts at Early Years

We are located in  Sant Joan Sanata, Barcelona, Spain


The Chestnut Tree is a nurturing, inspiring, children-focused learning center that provides meaningful opportunities for healthy development.

 It is a sustainable, ecological program that supports environmental projects and the strengthening of our communities.

Our Gaia Education Interview is here!

“Education doesn't change the world, Education changes people, People change the world” - Paulo Freire

"This is a story of hope, love, pure intentions, perseverance and human connection. It shows how a community of specialists, environmentalists, activists, teachers and beautiful human beings came together to co-create a safe, educational space in nature. 

We caught up with Mercia Eichmann, Founder/Headteacher, to find out more about the magic of the centre." Gaia Education - UNESCO 

Summer Camp 2023 was a blast!

Summer camp is the time of doing something big. Being a camper is something that most of us miss, as adults. Those few days or weeks, promise the memories that last a lifetime. Summer camping is all about learning, making friends and having fun.