The Chestnut Tree Ecological School

The goal is to establish a global community of learners and collaborators for sustainable and ecological education.

Gaia Education Sustainable Curriculum

The GAIA Education model for sustainable living is a program recognized by UNESCO. It is structured in the form of a mandala, which is called the sustainability wheel. The sustainability wheel includes what we believe to be the four primary dimensions of human experience, which are Worldview, Ecological, Social, and Economic aspects. Each of these four dimensions comprises of five modules, making it a total of twenty subject areas. While we anticipate that the four dimensions will remain constant, the actual titles and contents of the individual modules may evolve over time. The curriculum is designed to be inherently flexible and adaptable to unique local needs and circumstances, making it a roadmap for sustainable living.

Social Key

Beyond You and Me Inspiration and Wisdom for Building Community.

Include participation by all, expressing that we are a “communion of subjects.” And the right to define how we want to live with nature and each other, as human and environmental rights. 

Economics Key

 Gaian Economics Living well within planetary limits.

Include local economies and the integration of our local rural communities as part of an educational learning. The subservience of economics to ecology rather than the reverse. 

Ecological Key

 Designing Ecological Habitats Creating a Sense of Place.

Include clean soil, air and water, shelter and fresh local food in abundance while living in a diverse ecosystem, within a permissible “ecological footprint.” 

Worldview Key

The Song of the Earth The Emerging Synthesis of the Scientific and Spiritual Worldviews.

The goal is diversity rather than homogeneity; and sustainability, rather than depletion caused by the violent raping of the Earth. 

"Learning needs to return to its roots in the whole community of people and no longer exist in separate institutions. In this way, context, methods and personal development will happen all at the same time for all ages. This is a living, evolving learning system that embraces global considerations alongside local concerns. This system is geared to plant seeds for the next seven generations."